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Choosing The Right Partner: Three Key Traits to Look For

In this engaging episode of “The Great Friends Podcast,” host John Wheeler, CEO of Alpha Aesthetics Partners, dives into the burgeoning world of mergers and acquisitions within the med spa industry with guest Josh Swearingen from Tusk. As a seasoned private equity advisor, Josh brings his extensive experience in guiding transactions and due diligence from various healthcare sectors, now turning his expertise towards med spas. The discussion offers invaluable insights into what’s unfolding in med spa M&A, the characteristics of ideal sellers and buyers, and the future of private equity in healthcare. With over 20 years in healthcare, leading sales and operations, Josh’s expertise is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the dynamics of successful mergers and acquisitions in the med spa sector. Tune in for a comprehensive look at the future of med spas through the lens of mergers, acquisitions, and private equity with one of the industry’s leading experts.